For clients who do not show up for their appointment, you will lose your deposit and must rebook by providing a NEW deposit.  If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will be counted as a no show. You must pay for the missed service before booking with us again. Repeated No Shows will not be able to book with us again.


Clients are able to cancel or reschedule their appointment via the app themselves to avoid No Show fees. We understand life can happen unexpectedly, so you will not be charged for letting us know ahead of time. However, cancelling within 12 hours, you will lose your deposit. Please do not double book. You will receive a confirmation for your appointment immediately. If you see two, you have booked yourself in twice and need to cancel the error or you may be charged two deposits.


As of 2020 all new clients must send a deposit to confirm their appointment. If you are a new client and your appointment has not been confirmed, do NOT book another appointment. Please confirm if you have sent a deposit to the correct address. If you have sent a deposit and are still waiting for a confirmation, please email us to double check.


During the winter months, driving in bad weather is not our thing. If you prefer to avoid the roads on these days, please email us ahead of time to reschedule. Usually during obvious blizzards or school bus snow days we will send out a notice asking if you wish to reschedule. Otherwise, use your discretion. If you cancel/reschedule on a School Closure or COVID-19 Lockdown, you will not lose your deposit.


Please keep all contact to email. Mellissa is not able to speak with you on the phone while with a client, but will reply back to emails ASAP. All bookings are done via the app. Previously, years ago, client’s had to contact us to book an appointment but this caused a lot of miscommunication conflicts with lack of confirmations and too much back and forth. We now ONLY accept bookings done by the client online themselves.


Beginning in 2020, during the month of December, every appointment including refills will require a deposit. No shows are a horrible thing during this busy time when we are working over time to accommodate everyone and there are so many people hoping to get a spot. If you are unable to make it, please give us more than 48 hours notice so we can fill the spot with someone on the wait list.


When you arrive at the residence, you may knock but please arrive on time. Not early or Late. If you arrive too early, I may be with another client and with Covid-19 Restrictions limiting people indoors, you may be asked to wait in your car until your appointment. We are located upstairs on the second floor. Please remove your shoes and proceed upstairs to place your coat on the coat rack where you will be greeted. Please arrive with NO makeup or heavy oils/lotions on your entire face.


Please avoid phone calls during your appointment. Please limit your guests to one, but if they choose to stay they can be seated in the waiting area. Waiting for 1-3 hours for an appointment to finish can be very boring, so we suggest your ride runs some errands elsewhere!  Children are welcome but please email ahead to let us know. Please make sure they will be entertained during the appointment as I can not stop my service frequently to assist them.