Lash Extension Prep

Preparing for treatments is just as important as the after care. Eyelash Extensions are a great way to cut down on your daily routine and can even save you money – with regular refills you will never need to buy or use curlers or mascara ever again!

Did you know?

  • DOES IT HURT? NO! The medical grade glue adhesive used is for lash extensions only. This is not the same thing as temporary lash glue, nail glue, or even hair extension glue! Your application should be relaxing. Some clients choose to nap during their application. If you have a sensitivity to the adhesive, a different sensitive eye adhesive can be used.
  • DO LASH EXTENSIONS CAUSE LASH DAMAGE OR PERMANENT LASH LOSS? NO! Your natural lashes shed all the time – every day! While we try to make sure an extension is applied to every lash, you may notice some fall out a few days later. These lashes most likely were ready to fall out on their own. There is no way for us to tell which lashes are near the end of their cycle, there for extension loss along with lost natural lashes are natural and common.
  • HOW LONG DO THEY LAST? On average a refill is only needed every 3-4 weeks! You may wish to fill in gaps even earlier, however. We offer various prices depending on how often you choose to refill.

Preparing for your Eyelash Extensions

  • Showering and washing your face before your appointment is recommended. We do provide oil-free make-up remover but please arrive with a freshly cleansed face to save time!
  • Remove contacts. You can put your contacts back in immediately after your appointment!

After-Care for your lashes

  • CAN I GET MY LASHES WET? Do not let any water touch your lashes for the first 24-48 hours! While the lash results are immediate, the glue takes time to “cure”. Heat, water and excessive rubbing may cause early lash loss before the adhesive cures. After 72 hours you can swim, shower, sauna etc!
  • HOW DO I CLEAN MY LASHES? Oil-Free (Water Based) cleansers and make up removers should only be used on your eyes from now on. Avoid water-proof liners and make up that requires oil-based removers.
  • WHAT CAN BE USED ON MY LASHES? Do not use cotton products on your new lashes. Fibres from Q-Tips or Cosmetic Pads can get tangled in the lashes causing annoying irritation which will cause you to rub your eyes. DO NOT RUB your lashes!
  • CAN I WEAR EYE MAKEUP? Yes! You should not need to wear mascara, though! Do NOT use waterproof mascara or eyeliner as these require oil based removers, which will break down the lash adhesive bond.
  • CAN I CURL OR PERM MY LASHES? NO! Do NOT curl your lashes with a manual wand. Use a heated eye-lash curler to gently lift your lashes if needed, only the tips.
  • CAN I WEAR LOTION? YES, but avoid getting lotions, creams or any oils on your lashes! Oils on the eye lid may drip down to you lash line area. Be careful of this!
  • Avoid rubbing your lashes or sleeping on your stomach. Pressure from contact on your pillow can cause pre mature lash loss and fraying.